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6469 Van Nuys blvd, Van Nuys California

296 reviews

1,200 sq ft

6 hour min

lighting package available

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"Back to school, Back to school, to prove to dad i'm not a fool." lol

The Locker Room set is practical for school, work, or gym. All lockers open and have working combinations. Old school checkerboard floor sets the mood with complementary pink tile.

Set 1: Locker Room

  • 120 SQ FT 

  • 5 Sets of 3 x 3 lockers (30 total all with working combinations)

  • Checkerboard floor

  • Drinking fountain and classic clock

  • Overhead light can fit Astera tube for easy lighting

  • 3 points of access

Set 2: Showers

  • 4 personal showers (non functional)

  • Teak wood flooring

  • Classic pink and black tile

  • Towel racks with mirror

Set 3: Sauna

  • 105 SQ FT 

  • Classic pink tile

  • Working drain (blood and gore scenes encouraged)

  • Non functional drinking fountain

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Justin Jones


Beam studios is a time machine. As a filmmaker this a place that lets your creativity flourish to its full potential.

Screen Shot 2020-07-19 at 2.27.11 AM cop

Brynn Sicard


A beautiful studio with accessible parking and nearby restaurants for all your production needs.

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Nathan Blanco


Why spend all your money building it when you got it all here.

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